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Author Topic: CKWC 2020. - CycleKart World Championship. Introduction  (Read 382 times)

Graham Hill

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CKWC 2020. - CycleKart World Championship. Introduction
« on: 20 July 2020, 10:41:36 am »
We are looking to join the CKWC Series by holding a specific event later this year, possibly October (C19 permitting).
This will be a competitive meeting with points added and deducted for various aspects of CK design, CK build, together with various driving events throughout the day. What it will not be is an event based upon pure speed.
This is just an introduction, I will post some explanatory information soon and I will be asking for ideas for events to give the day a 'British Flavour' and 'Fun'. At present let's presume the event will be held at Stretton, but any other ideas welcome.
So start thinking about categories we can compile for a formula and we will discuss and finalise soon.

Carlos in Arizona ('suzzcar' on the 'CycleKart Club' forum) has kindly arranged the Championship, a current list of events is attached, (obviously C19 has had a big impact to date).

I'm posting a heads-up on this because Carlos is adding an individual-event to the Championship, the 'Corona Speed Challenge' which he intends to post details of on this forum very soon.

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Brilliant, all for it.
We could do 'Classic' trials (muddy hills), Regularity rallies, Soap box races, Grass track racing, Driving tests all sorts.
Got me thinking this has.


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  • Bill Alexander, Maserati 750 V8R1 Red
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I seem to remember VSCC used to do a race, don’t know what they called it, where you have to change spark plugs half way though the race.
Can’t help thinking we could do something similar...drive up, and stop, as soon as stopped the timing starts, stop the engine and get out, remove the spark plug, rub around the CK, replace the spark plug, start the engine keep in and drive off as soon as the wheel start turning the stopwatch is switched off.


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Yes Bill,
 I think it was a race of several laps stopping once in pits to change one spark plug.
we could do a two lap time trial including a stop to change plug? Cheers, Geoff

Carlos Carneiro

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Greetings to all British Cyclekart builders, drivers, and enthusiasts.
Graham was kind enough to briefly introduce me a few weeks back and mentioned a couple of cyclekart events I created that may interest you all.
Sorry about the delayed follow up on that, and thank you all for welcoming me.
Expanding on that brief intro, I'm a member of the Arizona CycleKart Club. Since 2016.
I dont build cyclekarts. I like driving and racing them, so my main contribution to the club became organizing cyclekart race events.

Over its 3 years of existence, the Arizona event schedule grew and expanded to include races in neighboring states (organized by other people), eventually crossing international borders to include events in Canada and Mexico. So by the end of 2019, I decided to contact all the existing cyclekart race organizers from everywhere in the world to put together a a Worldwide Grand Prix schedule and a CycleKart World Championship to go along with it.
To my surprise, the idea was well received even by some of the more traditionalist cyclekart groups. Even the Tieton GP joined the CKWC.
The idea of the CycleKart World Championship is to bring the world wide community closer together through a "global event", to add excitement and interest to the sport/hobby, and to create a historical record of some significance to these machines, their builders, and drivers.
Best part, there is nothing to do differently other than what you already do, which is participate at your local club's events.
And even better, it does not cost anyone any extra $$ to be part of the CycleKart World Championship.
Here is a link to a full explanation on the CKWC:

Then came the pandemic in 2020, which caused many of the planned 2020 CKWC events to be cancelled or remain uncertain.
So in May I came up with a new global event one can do all on their own, wherever they want, in their own time: The Corona Speed Challenge.
Everyone is welcome and able to participate, no matter what.
Again, same idea as the CKWC: to bring the cyclekart world closer together, this time even including people (& cyclekarts) who may be under pandemic restrictions and also those distant folks that complain they don't live close to any actual event.
The Corona Challenge lasts from May 1 to Nov 1. There is still plenty of time to enter, and its also on the CKWC calendar.
Here is the info on that.

So with that I'd like to welcome you all to the CKWC.
Have fun with it and let me know if you have any questions!!!
Carlos Carneiro


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This sounds amazing Carlos!!!

a very exciting event for CycleKarters and cant wait to see how people do


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  • im making a delage 15-S-8
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I am reading through the rules of the event and it sounds very similar to how Car manufacturers come to find an official top speed for their cars, having to drive in both directions from a standstill and the average of the top speeds being the "official top speed"