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Author Topic: Haynes Motor Museum, test track. Yeovil, Somerset. Wednesday 29th September 2021  (Read 743 times)


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Had a great day at Haynes, and got home without any fuel issues. May thanks to Chris for setting it up! And congrats to Jim for another stunning performance in the Maybug Trophy!


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Thanks Chris for setting this up - All round the Haynes circuit is one for the event calendar for sure!! great track and facilities with the museum, but needs two days next year to take in the museum as well, and a good little hotel just down the road!! :)

I will hopefully have some pics to share very soon on Facebook and i will try and upload them here as well



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After the day at Haynes Go-Kart track  I would like to say thanks to Mr Silverman for organising the event and thanks to all those who turned up (6 in total) and commiserations to those who could get any fuel to get there.
The track was tight at times and offered a lot of challenges to those who wanted to race which of course was all of us,
I'm delighted to say that the Renault went well and was pretty quick but around three O'clock in the afternoon my engine mounting failed along a weld and the engine was pulled out of place causing the chain to come of the axle sprocket.
Still, never mind eh? My arms were aching by then anyway.
Many thanks are due to 'Jimmy de Fish' (Jim) who let me have a go in his Cyclekart in the timed sprint in which I can fifth.
Now we all know don't we that I am by far the best race driver in CKGB which just go to show you how much you need to drive your Cyclekart to get the hang of it! This was spectacularly demonstrated by one of the Track Marshalls who took a cyclekart out for a spin. Spin he did. He drove flat out into every corner and I watched as tried to take the left hander at the end of the straight. Going too fast he turned sharply left and the cart rolled over.
He was shaken-up and embarrassed by his excess of enthusiasm but apart from the multiple compound fractures of both arms, legs and skull he was fine. Actually he did hurt his back and we made him lie still on the track until he felt better. Stefan suggested we carry on racing and just put a few cones around him but we thought the corner tricky enough without having to cope with an additional obstacle in the way. He could have taken some good photos though from that level. He seemed comfortable and was having a laugh with the other Marshalls so we all went for a bite in the Museum restaurant.
We had a swift 'builders meeting' sort of chat for half an hour then went back to the track.
It was good fun and before you knew it, it was time to load up and go home, a mere 158miles away.
The drive home was a long one but uneventful and I had plenty of petrol so no worries there.
I have my Renault to weld up and Jim has offered to help me so I will be taking that offer up and who knows, it might make it to the end of the next event.


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Yes was a great fun day. Thank you everyone for kind comments , for coming and for those that couldn't make it .

It's a great and friendly group who support/help each other.   Thank you all.

The Haynes karting guys enjoyed it too and are talking about building their own Cyclekart.

Chris L


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Thanks Chris - it was a great day.

Here’s the results from the Maybug medal going towards the World Championship.  In reality this is more than the one lap standing start, because both cyclekart and driver have to survive the morning's driving.  It's a bit like the new format F1 in reverse.

Jim Tanner (8 Dodge Baquet) - 31.104
Chris Loader (1 - Campbell Austin) 31.383s
Chris Slade (17 ERA) - 31.804s
Stefan Nahajski (50 - Bugatti T37) 33.417s
Adrian Gosling (8 Dodge Baquet - 2nd driver) 34.914s
Andy Boulton* (Austin) 36.942s
Adrian Gosling (Renault 3A) - DNS

*Andy, what number Ck were you driving and what's engine is in it?
« Last Edit: 30 September 2021, 10:35:00 pm by StefanN »


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*Andy, what number Ck were you driving and what's engine is in it?

number 33 - running a 5.5hp briggs