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Author Topic: Haynes Motor Museum, test track. Yeovil, Somerset. Wednesday 29th September 2021  (Read 862 times)


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I rebuilt the Renault engine and finished fitted it in the car only yesterday.
When I took it out for a run up the road it wouldn't pull and performance was hopeless so in despair I changed the engine (the one out of the Wee Beatstie). Everything went really well. and I recon it was about an hours work.
In order to remove the engine I removed the engine driven clutch, swung it out of the way, undid the four mounting bolts and the the four screw holding the transmission to the engine. then out it came.
Putting the new one in was easily done and everything fitted nicely UNTIL I came to install the setscrew that holds the clutch into the crankshaft of the new engine. The Engine I bought did not have this screw with it of course. I tried to install the 8mm screw that I took out of the original engines clutch but, it was the wrong thread! Its 1/2" UNF and though I have searched my workshop from top to bottom I cant find one.
Its Sunday, about half one. Nobody open selling these.
In the morning I will scour the Earth to find one and fit it and hopefully take the Renault for a test run before I set off for the Haynes day.
I really hope I'm not in for another spectator day.

Adrian - Fuel situation allowing  ??? I am taking two karts anyway plus my back is still not 100% so you are welcome to a spin in mine.