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Author Topic: Kop Hill Climb Sunday 22nd September 2019  (Read 625 times)


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Kop Hill Climb Sunday 22nd September 2019
« on: 20 August 2019, 11:25:01 am »
The entry for this event was full I appealed under the rare vehicle route,  I received the following email which gave me an entry.

"Dear Geoff,

Sorry you needed to prompt me but I had been away.

We discussed your application at our last meeting and decided that if more cyclekarts were road legal a small group might be an attractive addition to our 2000 event.

This being so we thought that accepting your application this year would enable us to see the car in action so we could assess its suitability. Could you email me your registration number and I will send out an invitation.

Obviously, this strategy depends on cyclekarts going through the DVLA approval process. Perhaps if you think Kop is right for a few cyclekarts and we want to pursue it some publicity at the cyclekart end would help. Could we discuss at the event.


Bob Woodman

ps. Can my colleagues seek out Geoff's car to take a look . I will send it up the hill just after a real "Wolseley Hornet". For those that do not know cyclekarts are 0.7 scaled versions of vintage cars based on a gokart."
(End of email)

Geoff continued:
Although not road legal I feel cyclekarts would be an asset in the paddock area next year, either a static display or a small demonstration circuit. This is a prestigious event and would be great publicity for us, but the committee needs to be convinced, your support on the day would be very much appreciated.
Cheers, Geoff

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Graham Hill

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Re: Kop Hill Climb Sunday 22nd September 2019
« Reply #1 on: 20 August 2019, 01:57:50 pm »
Hi Geoff. That's great, we may get some visiting with you this year and I'm sure a few of us would support you with a static display next year.


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Re: Kop Hill Climb Sunday 22nd September 2019
« Reply #2 on: 23 September 2019, 04:09:08 pm »
Kop Hillclimb
The Hornet created a lot of interest and I did a couple of interviews over the tannoy extolling the virtues of the CK movement. then of course I had to put up the money following the mouth bit.

 We were two up with parts of hill one in four! so fingers were crossed, but we just, just made it.

 I realise that I dont fully understand how the CVT works the revs were dropping and I thought that it was going to stall but it kept going is this right or do I need a lower gear? I run at 6.5:1 at present


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Re: Kop Hill Climb Sunday 22nd September 2019
« Reply #3 on: 23 September 2019, 04:13:42 pm »
OH yes it rained a bit, cheers geoff


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Re: Kop Hill Climb Sunday 22nd September 2019
« Reply #4 on: 23 September 2019, 04:43:04 pm »
I love the photos Geoff.  I had the event in the diary but it clashed with a Scout group event unfortunately.   Well done on getting 2 people up the hill!

I'm running on 7:1 for the main sprocket and you get upto x2.7 on top of that from the CVT.   Changing the sprocket would obviously help on hill climbs but in theory you can also tweak the CVT.   I've read about this and even been in contact with Comet, but will only start actually trying things next week.  The torque "sensing" is done by the plastic ramps on the driven pulley/sheave.  The preload on the coil spring can be adjusted by changing the hole (there are 3) the spring is anchored in and Comet recommend doing this for different types of terrain - more or less hilly.   The other pulley has the engagement flyweights and retaining springs.  Changing the weights changes the engagement RPM - so in theory you could tweak it to push the engine nearer its peak torque at your target speed.