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Author Topic: Swallowfield GP maneuvers  (Read 678 times)


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Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
« on: 21 June 2019, 07:54:49 am »
I can only do one day Mark, and Sunday is much the better option, like Graham it's either Sunday or nothing for me.
I too would need to know what the cost is before committing. My pension only stretches so far.
Rules of engagement as you call them, probably a good idea that we formulate a standard set of what motorsport would call "Supplementary regulations", and have a briefing every event. I will work on a generic set which a few of us can have a look and agree, (or modify) then have them on our website.
Noise pollution is an open ended comment, I would be extremely disappointed to get there and for someone to say "too loud", particularly with only an opinion. I have run similar powered vehicles at the equivalent of county shows where there was show jumping, animal displays and such with no ill effects. I understand what you are saying, but it does need more clarification.
I've not seen a formal risk assessment. I used to do these as a part time job, for clients who were presenting things to the equivalent of Board of Trade. Whoever is doing it, just common sense and not overly worded is the best option.
FWIW, from the experiences I have had with these things both in NZ, in the US and the limited times here, every time you put the word "Race" or "Grand Prix" in the conversation barriers rise.
With my conversations for venues, I have yet to be declined when I say a group of us with these things , and I have photos with me, would like to come, gather together and play with them.
Just for interest I once spoke to the same person and said we would like to come and have a race. Instant decline. Even then changing tack and explaining more only softened the attitude.