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Author Topic: Swallowfield GP maneuvers  (Read 682 times)

Mark Binns

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Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
« on: 01 July 2019, 02:50:33 pm »
That all sounds sensible Rhys.

For the insurance it would be 'Cyclekart group day out' or something. I am not so worried about the insurance. For me at the moment, the sticky bit is that it needs to run over 2 days. We have a good number on Sunday but one entrant for Monday

Do you think there are a lot of builders on Fb who are not on here yet because i have not announced the monday requirement there yet?

 Im not sure that everyone who may have completed their Ck by that date have seen that there is a need  have some defectors to the Monday to actually make the event happen.
If we cant  get the numbers it will be a shame but more planning and booking dates, collecting resources. Etc.
There is certainly a field round here that we could race in without all the hastle just on the sunday if all else fails.

Something for the southern chaps.

As for the sound somehow we need a couple of measurements of Db at say 10m and 20m as they run. I think they need 80 db at the equestrian enclosure which will be that close at some points of the track.

 As there is a meet on the 7th that may be the last oportunity to get figures to them. My garden is open to the public on that day so i cant come up but we all really need to look about and see if we can find a db meter which could get there and get a reading.