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Which days, if any, can you make for Swallowfield GP 25th and 26th Aug

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Author Topic: Swallowfield GP Event Bank Holliday August weekend  (Read 142 times)

Mark Binns

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Swallowfield GP Event Bank Holliday August weekend
« on: 14 May 2019, 02:13:06 am »
Hi Everyone

The Swallowfield GP Event is drawing near.

For those who I have not met as yet, here is a little info on the event planning so far. Input is definitely encouraged and welcome at this stage.

CKs are welcome in all states of construction as im sure you will agree, the building process is the most interesting part

The Grand Prix is a race event which brings together CycleKart enthusiasts to meet, tinker and compete. The multi discipline races will be held during the Swallowfield Show on a half mile grass course in the Berkshire village over the August bank holiday.

The show is a 140 year old village event growing gradually to a large agricutural and country persuits show held over the Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August.

There is also has a large Classic car show and parade which we can join.

The procedes of the event go the the Swallowfield Horticultural Society.

The wonderfull thing about holding a racing and tinkering day here that this event will expose 5000 people to the world of Cyclekarting.
You can interact with the public at times when you are not racing or tinkering to field questions and encourage others to see this as something that they could possibly achieve themselves.

I am keeping the two days open for folk to come on both or whichever is possible for them. If you can only attend one day dont worry. There is a poll above for how many CKs we can get down on each day. I encourage you to add your votes.

There is camping space available and toilets close by.  There is also plenty of food to choose from onsite if you dont want to camp cook.

I will do my best (with your help to organise) to povide workshop tools with power to keep all the CKs running and improving over the event.

We will need Easy ups or something similar to provide some cover from sun and rain and there will be a small cost to cover the setup and make it as attractive as possible.

Lets invite some suggestions...
So this is the track design so far, it will probably be altered before or on the day but that is easy enough to do.

[ Guests cannot view attachments ]

This one describes how the track sits in the show.

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