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Title: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: Mark Binns on 19 June 2019, 07:31:46 pm
Hi everyone.
Im looking to finalise the details for this one but it is getting complicated. The Swallowfield show organisers are concerned about the single day attendence. I have only one voulunteer for the Monday but about 5 on the sunday. As it is 2 day event and they want to avoid attractions there which are only one day. Would any of you be tempted by both days or defect to the monday instead. I may struggle to pull this one together otherwise.

Do we have anyone else coming online before August BH?

Hoops to jump through:

1) I will need to insure the event and be liable so I would need to spit the cost among everyone and be seen to be setting out rules of engagement for the 'race re-enactment' or 'parade' whatever we call it.

2) I need to come back to them with our ideas on mitigating our noise pollution.

3) I need a risk assessment so if anyone has one or can get hold of one from another event, even abroad, that would be very handy. Otherwise some help on setting one up would be appreciated.

They are expectinting 9000 people through ther gates over the week end so its worth the effort.

I cant make the July meet because My garden is open to the public on that day.

Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: Graham Hill on 20 June 2019, 03:08:35 pm
Sorry Mark. Just the Sunday or nothing for me.
I will be better prepared next year, I can plan around a two day event then.
Have you an idea of total costs?
Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: Mark Binns on 21 June 2019, 02:03:38 am
No costs as yet. Its really only the insurance. Shouldnt be much more than stretton but with all day use of the cct.
Depends on numbers and how the event is seen by the insurers. If they want to call it a race then it will cost more. But its not really is it and there are no idiots among us so quite safe. Its a display as far as the event is concerned but its a grasstrack shake down, general hoonabout to all the constructors.

I can get them to provide the barriers which are the plastic orange netting type and there wont be any costs for camping or attendence as far as i can tell. We will at the end of the day be an attraction.

They are aware that i am looking for their support to make this grow the membership. So Its obvious that we need them to 'take one for the team' this year. If they do, we can maybe come back with two seperate groups of CKs next year and be a bigger attraction.

 I need to get all this info back to them by the 6th July to secure a slot there. 

Are there any builds coming through that might be ready for the event date?
Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: RhysN on 21 June 2019, 07:54:49 am
I can only do one day Mark, and Sunday is much the better option, like Graham it's either Sunday or nothing for me.
I too would need to know what the cost is before committing. My pension only stretches so far.
Rules of engagement as you call them, probably a good idea that we formulate a standard set of what motorsport would call "Supplementary regulations", and have a briefing every event. I will work on a generic set which a few of us can have a look and agree, (or modify) then have them on our website.
Noise pollution is an open ended comment, I would be extremely disappointed to get there and for someone to say "too loud", particularly with only an opinion. I have run similar powered vehicles at the equivalent of county shows where there was show jumping, animal displays and such with no ill effects. I understand what you are saying, but it does need more clarification.
I've not seen a formal risk assessment. I used to do these as a part time job, for clients who were presenting things to the equivalent of Board of Trade. Whoever is doing it, just common sense and not overly worded is the best option.
FWIW, from the experiences I have had with these things both in NZ, in the US and the limited times here, every time you put the word "Race" or "Grand Prix" in the conversation barriers rise.
With my conversations for venues, I have yet to be declined when I say a group of us with these things , and I have photos with me, would like to come, gather together and play with them.
Just for interest I once spoke to the same person and said we would like to come and have a race. Instant decline. Even then changing tack and explaining more only softened the attitude.
Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: Mark Binns on 01 July 2019, 02:50:33 pm
That all sounds sensible Rhys.

For the insurance it would be 'Cyclekart group day out' or something. I am not so worried about the insurance. For me at the moment, the sticky bit is that it needs to run over 2 days. We have a good number on Sunday but one entrant for Monday

Do you think there are a lot of builders on Fb who are not on here yet because i have not announced the monday requirement there yet?

 Im not sure that everyone who may have completed their Ck by that date have seen that there is a need  have some defectors to the Monday to actually make the event happen.
If we cant  get the numbers it will be a shame but more planning and booking dates, collecting resources. Etc.
There is certainly a field round here that we could race in without all the hastle just on the sunday if all else fails.

Something for the southern chaps.

As for the sound somehow we need a couple of measurements of Db at say 10m and 20m as they run. I think they need 80 db at the equestrian enclosure which will be that close at some points of the track.

 As there is a meet on the 7th that may be the last oportunity to get figures to them. My garden is open to the public on that day so i cant come up but we all really need to look about and see if we can find a db meter which could get there and get a reading.
Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: Chris Brown on 01 July 2019, 09:41:34 pm
There are db meter apps available for smartphones, which might suffice. Perhaps best to use more than one app, on more than one phone, and take the average to hopefully negate any errors.
Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: Graham Hill on 07 July 2019, 09:09:42 pm
Hi Mark. With arrangements seeming to flounder due to lack of numbers, we took the opportunity today at Stretton, as a group, to discuss the proposed Swallowfield Show meeting with the aim of getting a consensus.
The outcome is that as individuals and as a group, we would prefer to decline your invitation this year, but would be very interested in including the event in next year's calendar. We are still a fledgling group and the sheer lack of completed cars is proving difficult to provide attendees for the two-day event this year.
Next year will be different, we know of more cars that will be completed and we relish the idea of a two-day meet-up. We also discussed today the opportunity to invite our fellow CK enthusiasts from France to join us, and I am sure a two-day event would appeal to them more favourably than a one-off event. No approach has been made to date.
The Swallowfield Show would seem to be an ideal and fun event for CK members and families and also a means of promoting national interest as you suggest.
However, we feel that this will be a much more successful event if this is postponed until 2020; we can plan for it early and we will be able to field a greater number of completed CycleKarts.
On behalf of our group, we appreciate your supporting enthusiasm and hope that you will be able accommodate us next year.

Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: RhysN on 08 July 2019, 12:37:04 pm
While at Stretton I took the opportunity to use their sound monitoring equipment. Results from the 6 CKS running was that the loudest at 10 metre distance, with the background of a solid structure (ie no sound dissipation) was 37 dB.
Thought this might be useful. That one had an open ended exhaust , as the muffler had fallen off.
Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: Mark Binns on 11 July 2019, 03:06:43 pm
Thanks for sorting that out. That is way lower than I had expected. So that was from a trackside position with them during a normal drive by. I was remembering when we drove Graham's in the industrial area. That was really loud. I seems we were getting the amplified effects of the reflected sound there. Ofcourse the open space would always dissipate the sound better but 37 is a good figure.
No extra silencers needed i would say. One thing to tick off the list.

Title: Re: Swallowfield GP maneuvers
Post by: Steve Cole on 11 July 2019, 10:40:27 pm
Oh in that case I might not weld my muffler back on  ;)
Sounds better with it off and probably goes faster to  :)