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Members / Re: New member Anton
« on: 03 June 2019, 01:37:26 am »
 ::)Hello there fellow tinkerers.
I'm Anton, live in Leicestershire. Huge fan of all sorts of mechanical mayhem.
I'm a Toolmaker/development engineer and have been covering workshops with swarf and swear words for 35 years, since I left school.
I've worked on various racecars and bikes over the years, the highlights of which I suppose were consecutive podiums at the first two Goodwood revival meetings.
I've looked at building a Cyclekart for years, even before there were cyclekarts really, I just like messing about making things.
I hope I can share some of my knowledge with you all, and if you play your cards right then y'all have a machinist to hand, as and when I get time if anyone needs parts machining.
If anyone has an engineering based questions, I. e. Where to get small quantities of material or technical Il try my best to help out. but I'm not Colin Chapman lol.
Thanks for letting me come round to play guys.  ANTON

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