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Author Topic: New member synthpunk  (Read 894 times)


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Re: New member synthpunk
« on: 24 September 2020, 01:23:22 pm »
thanks for letting me join...
my name is Rich, i used to be a Roadie, but seeing as the music business has collapsed because 2020, i need to fill my time with something else, so why not a cyclekart?
i trained as a guitar maker, and have spent the last twenty something years building guitars, fixing music electronics and touring with various big name bands. i currently live in west sussex, on a farm, up a hill, so id quite like to spend some time making a tiny hillclimb car..

my main skillset is with wood, and i am also a fairly keen amateur machinist - my other hobby is steam engines, to help with them i have a 3.5" lathe and a small milling machine.

my plans for a cyclekart are still somewhat up in the air at the moment - part of me wants to build a GN JAP tribute, the other part (the bit that smells of steam oil) wants a Stanley Rocket. ive got a suitably full sized steam engine ready to go, but its not going anywhere without a high pressure steam generator, which is still in the experimental stage. most of my steam experience is with Monotube (flash) boilered steam hydroplanes - 100+ miles per hour from a 10CC engine running at 4000+ PsI anyone? ;c)

obviously the steam car is a long term project, and im not expecting to finish the steam generator anytime soon because seamless stainless pipe is expensive, so my first attempt will most likely be a honda powered, relatively standard spec CK.

ill mostly be hiding in the shadows for a bit, reading everyone elses build diaries and soaking up some inspiration...